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Here, We have the full assortment of services that we can provide to you. If you have any questions, Please feel free to use the Contact Us page from the computer, or use the menu at the bottom the page on the mobile site to contact me personally on my phone or by email. If you would like to see The previous jobs that I have completed, so you can have an idea of the products that I use, and the way they are put together, check out the Finished Client Jobs.

Security Cameras 
We carry a full line of security camera systems for any occasion. We have IP, HD Analog and Analog . PTZ, Varifocal or Fix. If you need it we have it. View it on your smart phone,table or computer if you have a internet connection then you will be able to keep and eye on your property or loved ones.
Gate Automation
From Barrier gate,slide gates and swing gates. If you need a gate maintenance, Repaired or installed we can do it. We have a access to a lot of different company's so that gives us more options so we can give you the best prices we can offer.
Access Control
Card readers, Keypads, Tracking software,Mag locks, Electric strikes if you need a way to enter a door, gate or building we can make it happen. 
Garage Door Openers
If your in the need of a garage door opener or would like to have one serviced or repaired we can help you. If you would like to add remotes, add a keypad or want to add your garage door to your home network so you can use your smart phone give us a call.
Storage Facility Maintenance 
If you need a Spring replaced, Latch replaced, Seals replaced, walls taken down or need replacing or roof sealed give us a call.
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